Should You Custom Build Your Next Home?

In today’s market with all of the short sales and foreclosures should you even consider building a custom home? It may be more of a viable option than you think.

Pricing for custom homes have come
down just like pre-owned homes as well. Land values have dropped significantly and you would be amazed at how many lots are available to purchase. Custom home builders are also able to build less expensively than they had been a few years back due to their input and labor costs having come down. Due to the abundance of contractors hungry for work the build time can be much shorter further reducing your cost to build.

Contact Dan Petersen at Petersen Partners & Prudential Georgia Realty to find out more if custom building a home is for you.


Springtime Pests

Loving the warm spring weather Atlanta has been experiencing lately? So have the bugs! After one of the warmest winters in Georgia’s history, insects like termites and kudzu bugs (those stinky beetles that resemble lady bugs) are already proving to be as much of a pest as that yellow haze of pollen covering Atlanta. Warm temperatures all winter allowed insects to remain active and means their populations are likely to be larger than normal this spring and summer.  This also means pests like termites are swarming earlier.

Wondering exactly what kind of creepy crawly pest is crawling across your patio or camping on your window screen? University of Florida researchers released a handy app a few years ago called iPest that can be downloaded to your iPhone or iPad from your app store for $1.99. It’s a great tool that can help homeowners identify and educate themselves on common pests in or around your home.

There are simple things you can do to combat the pests you find invading your yard or home this spring. Spread a bait material insecticide around fire ant mounds. The ants will eat the poison and share it throughout the colony. Make sure there is no opportunity for water to collect around your home. Mosquitoes love standing water for breeding, so clean your gutters and make sure any water that collects around your home during a spring shower home (in flower pots, bird baths, etc.) can drain properly. You can also find helpful information on everything from pests to pollen on Northwest Exterminating’s blog.


Prudential Realty Awards Petersen Partners with Top Award for 2011

The Petersen Partners team was recognized at the annual Prudential Real Estate National Sales Convention, held from March 11-13 in Orlando, Florida. Prudential Realty awarded Petersen Partners with the Chairman’s Circle Platinum award, placing them in the top 1% of all Prudential Agents worldwide.

This is the 10th year the Petersen Partners team has earned the Chairman’s Circle award. It is a prestigious award given to the finest and most committed professionals that matches the mission of the Petersen Partners team to deliver experience and professionalism their clients can trust. Dan Petersen credits it as a group effort owed to the support of many, saying “We would like to thank our family, friends, clients (current and past) for all the referrals and trusting in our team to handle your real estate transactions. We could not have achieved this without you all! Jill and I would also like to thank our team members who help us carry out our mission of providing superior real estate services for all of our clients.”

Petersen Partners have over 12 years experience serving metro Atlanta home buyers and sellers and are seeing increased activity in the Atlanta real estate market. What sets the team apart is their knowledge of and deep personal commitment to the communities they serve. To learn more about the Petersen Partners team, Prudential Georgia Realty, or to search for properties for sale, visit

Common Issues For 1st Time Buyers

20120224021117There are several common issues for 1st time buyers that we can help address. For example, what happens if they lost their job? How would they make their mortgage payment? We have a program called Job Loss Protection that provides the equivalent of a rainy day fund with up to $10,800 to help cover their payments. What about major expenses like a failing HVAC system? We have home warranties that can help avoid major expenses and simplify dealing with vendors. And finally, what if I need to move to another market for a job and need to sell my home? The solution for that challenge may be to buy a property that can be converted to an income property. You have already purchased with very low prices and set a very low mortgage rate. Of you buy the right property, you can use our property management team to help get tenants and take care of the property. Over time, you can get positive cash flow and build equity as values improve. Yes, you are on your way to building wealth while others are still throwing away their rent money.

If you know 1st time buyers who need our expertise, please contact Dan Petersen at 678-439-6699 Our team would be happy to help them.

We Want To Wish You And Your Family A Wonderful Early Spring Season! If You Know Someone Who Can Benefit From This Information Or Our Real Estate Expertise, We Would Love To Help Them. Have A Great Day!