Agency Struggling to Give Away $339 Million to Georgia Homeowners

According to a story published by Atlanta’s Channel 2 news, one state agency has millions of dollars of relief to offer homeowners but few are applying. The federal government gave Georgia $339 million to help unemployed Georgians facing foreclosure but most of the money is sitting in a bank account.

The Georgia Department of Community Affairs has a program in place for dispersing the funds called Homesafe Georgia. The program provides “bridge” mortgage assistance in the form of grants to Georgia homeowners who are currently unemployed or substantially underemployed. Homeowners who are currently able to make their mortgage payment but got behind on the mortgage while they were unemployed or underemployed are also eligible for the program. Homeowners may not be more than six months behind on their mortgage payments to qualify.

The agency has only spent $4 million of the $339 million, but they have committed another $23 million to 900 Georgia homeowners. The state goal is to help 18,000 homeowners by 2017. If they money isn’t used it must go back to the federal government. Some homeowners who most need the help may not have internet access to access Homesafe Georgia’s website and apply for the grants. Many homeowners may not even know of the program. The Deputy Commissioner of the Georgia Department of Community Affairs admitted they may not have done an effective job of getting the word out to homeowners in need.

Homeowners who are in need of mortgage assistance are encouraged to visit for more information. All Georgians are encouraged to spread the word to friends, family, and neighbors who may benefit from the program.

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