Best Drought-Tolerant Perennials for Your Garden

When Georgia’s inevitable summer heat kicks in, you can rely on these drought-tolerant plants to hold their own — and look beautiful year after year.


Also known as sage, salvia is part of the mint family and can be found in huge varieties of ornamental colors and textures. Salvia blooms from late spring to early fall. It’s an all-around hardy plant that will grow up to 3 feet tall in a variety of conditions and loves full sun. Hummingbirds and butterflies are also fond of salvia.


Lavender looks great with its varieties of blue, purple, and white blooms and it smells incredible, even when dried. Lavender spreads well and can get up to 3 feet tall.

Globe Thistle

Globe thistle produces round, metallic-blue flowers though the summer. It’s unique shape and silvery tint is a great compliment to brighter flowers in your garden. Thistle is very easy to grow and will get up to 4 feet tall.

Purple Coneflower

Also known as Echinacea, this resilient perennial produces tons of mauve-purple blooms throughout the summer that hold up really well when cut. Or, if you leave them in the garden, they’ll attract scores of butterflies.


There are hundreds of varieties of sedum available and almost all are very hardy and drought resistant. Sedum only grows to about 18”. Many varieties have great looking variegated leaves that look great all spring, summer, and fall. In autumn, sedum will bloom with pretty pink flowers.

For more varieties of drought-resistant beautiful perennials, check out suggestions from the experts at Better Homes and Gardens Magazine.

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