Perfect Perrenials for Zone 7

When planting flowers in Atlanta, it’s important to look for hardy breeds. Although our winters are generally mild, the hot, humid summers can really stress flowers that aren’t suitable for our region. Before purchasing flowers for your garden, make sure they are suggested for planting in USDA Plant Hardiness Zones 6-8. Below are some wonderful flowering, easy-to-grow perennials that are perfect for our region.

Shepherd’s Needles are in the daisy family. The plant is also know as Spanish needles, butterfly needles, beggarticks, or botanically as Bidens alba. It’s a  short-lived perennial that attracts butterflies with its white, daisy-like blooms. The plant grows 1 to 4 feet tall with 1 to 5 inch long leaves and 1 inch wide flowers in clusters. It does require rich, moist soil in full sun, so be sure to plant where your sprinkler can reach it.

Formosa Lily is also known botanically as Lilium formosanum and commonly as August Lily, Taiwan Lily, or Philippine Lily. It is a fragrant, easy to grow perennial that can get up to 7 feet tall. Its leaves are a dark green and get 3 to 8 inches long with clusters of white, trumpet-like flowers that are 5 to 8 inches long. Formosa Lilies prefer full sun and moist, acidic soil.

Shasta Daisies, botanically known as Leucantheum x superbum) is a wonderful flower for cut flower arrangements. It will grow 2 to 3 feet tall, with clump forming foliage. Flowers are 2 to 5 inches wide and blooms continue from summer into fall. Shasta Daisies prefer well-drained, non-acidic soil in partial to full sun light.

Bear’s Breech comes form the acanthus family of plants and is botanically known as Acanthus mollis. Common names are Artist’s Acanthus and Grecian pattern plant. This perennial can grow 5 feet tall. Leaves are 3 feet long with white, pink, or purple flowers on stalks. Bear’s breech enjoy loose soil in partial to full sun.

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