Simple Curb Appeal Tips with Big Pay Offs

Curb appeal is your home’s first impression to a prospective buyer. The exterior of your home is usually the first image a homebuyer sees in the online marketing of your home and certainly when their agent pulls into your driveway for a showing. If your home is going to stand out, the exterior needs as much attention as the interior.

There are some obvious items to keeping the exterior of your home in showing condition. Mow the lawn, trim and sculpt the shrubs, and make sure all clutter or debris is removed. Little things like making sure your house number is easily visible also are good ideas. Small touches can instantly add that inviting sparkle you want buyers to see. Accentuate a porch or patio with a few nice planters filled with large plant materials that coordinate with your home’s color and style. Use a few large pottery pieces to really create a distinct ambiance on your patio and make it its own room.

If your driveway or even your home’s siding looks a little grungy, consider pressure washing. Most local hardware stores will rent a pressure washer to homeowners for around $50 a day or there are a multitude of mobile services that will come do it all for you for somewhere around $250.

If you have been debating painting your house, do it. Choose a color that compliments your roof. It is much cheaper to paint a house than replace a roof and a fresh coat in the right paint color on your house can make your faded shingles look a lot less shaby. Another place to put the paint brush to work is the front door. The door to your home should make a statement as it’s literally the last thing a buyer sees upon entering your home. Make sure its in good repair and give it a fresh coat of paint so it really pops and invites people in.

Another easy, inexpensive idea is to mulch every flowerbed. Mulch is cheap at around $3 a bag. It covers a multitude of sins and makes your entire lawn appear neat and trim.

To really help your home stand out, invest some time and money in landscaping. The most-cost effective way to have immediate impact on your home’s appeal is through landscaping. You can certainly hire a professional service, but with a little time and preparation, you can do it yourself for far less investment. Start by considering what style home you have – Tudor, Contemporary, Ranch, etc. Browse online searching Google images of your home’s style, take a walk through your neighborhood, or drive through some high-end neighborhoods with similar architectural styles. Take note of which homes stand out to you and snap some pictures. From this exercise you should be able to come up with a list of items, color schemes, and shapes or heights you want to incorporate into your existing flowerbeds to expand or just better fill them. Make sure you take this list to your local nursery as it’s important to have to a plan and stick with it. A little playing in the dirt and your lawn will be marketing your home for you!

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