Selling During the Off Season

Traditionally, the fall and winter months can be some of the slowest times of the year for home buying due to the holidays and the often less-than-perfect weather. But that doesn’t mean sellers can’t sell during these less than inviting times. Not all buyers will be giving up their home search.

Keep your listing in demand during the off season. Here are some quick tips for selling a home in the off season:

Keep it warm.
A professional stager has the know-how to give a home a cozy winter feel. And something as simple as rearranging furniture can ensure that a home’s selling-points don’t get overlooked. Display photos of the home that shows it in warmer summer months. And don’t forget to turn up the thermostat in the home so buyers are comfortable as soon as they step through the door. A vacant house in winter with the heat turned down low could lead to a chillingly low offer.

Keep it clear.
Keep sidewalks and driveways clear of snow, ice, and yard debris–giving potential buyers a clear path and view to your property’s front door.

Keep it light.
There’s less daylight in the winter months so it’s even more important to keep lights on as well as open blinds and drapes for natural light. Homeowners often head out to work without thinking to have their lights turned back on when it gets dark. Keep the home well-lit so it looks inviting to potential buyers who might drive by in the evenings after work.

Keep it looking good.
Just because the weather isn’t so great outside doesn’t mean your properties should follow suit. Potential buyers won’t be interested in seeing the inside of your home if the outside isn’t appealing. Make sure properties project a warm and inviting feeling to everyone who passes by keeping the landscaping and exterior in good shape.

Keep it working.
The cold winter months present the perfect opportunity to check heating systems, fireplaces and furnaces for problems. Take advantage of the season to have a professional inspector check for other issues, such as insulation, which might not be obvious during warmer times of the year.

Keep it in range.
It goes without saying in this business but sometimes it helps to hear it again. If a property is priced properly, it will sell any day of the year.

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