The Easiest Perennials to Grow

100338956.jpg.rendition.largest.pSpring is here and it’s time to play in the dirt again. Looking to brighten up your flower beds without having to do much work? Keep your garden blooming all season with Better Homes and Gardens Magazine’s list of easy growing, high impact perennials that come back year after year. Every year a group of plant breeders, nurserymen, and garden writers select a top-performing perennial as Perennial of the Year. Here are their picks since 1990; these plants are sure to be winners in your garden, too! Want flowers you can bring indoors? Check out their list of the best perennials for cutting. Brighten your home, as well as your garden, with these cut-and-come-back perennial flowers. And with their list of the six best easy-care perrenials, you can add a profusion of colorful flowers that come back every year with these no-fuss plants you essentially just plant and walk away.

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