Make the Most Out of a Small Space

feature1_230x172Do you have a small living room, bathroom or space you aren’t sure what to do with? Turn that small space into your favorite room in the house and get started with these clever tricks to make any room seem more spacious using this helpful tips from American Home Shield.

Go Monochromatic
Light shades of blue, green, cream, gray or yellow can open up a room instantly. Think pale hues are bland? Shake up your color palette and detail your room with bright variations of the same hue to add interest and dimension. Color can heighten a room, too. When a ceiling is painted a brighter shade, your eyes are drawn upward, making the room appear taller.

Let Mirrors Do the Work For You
Choose a focal point in the room, like a piece of art or a unique decoration, and mount a mirror on the opposite wall to reflect the piece. This adds the illusion of depth, plus it gives your favorite item twice the attention. Not sure you have a good focal point? No problem. Face your mirrors toward windows or lamps to reflect light and add the appearance of additional space.

Open Up Your Windows
Don’t set your curtain rods to the edges of the window—extend them beyond the frame for the illusion that your windows are larger. When you do this, you’ll also let more light into the room, making it warmer and cozier.

Play With Furniture Arrangements
When arranging a room, your instincts might tell you to push furniture against the wall to open up space in the center. Resist that urge and be playful with arrangements. Try angling pieces or pulling them away from other items to give them room to breathe. And when you opt for multi-purpose furniture, like an ottoman that doubles as a storage bin, you’ll reduce unnecessary clutter in the room.

It’s easy to make any room look larger and it doesn’t have to cost a bundle. In fact, you can try some of these ideas for free! Get started now and have your room feeling more spacious in minutes.

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