6 Ways to Be a Good Neighbor

Developing relationships with your neighbors can make your life easier and your community safer—and maybe even result in lasting friendships. The good news is that it’s easy to extend acts of courtesy to those who live close by.

1. Welcome new people to the neighborhood by stopping by and introducing yourself. Baking cookies is a traditional way to extend a warm welcome, but you can also bring them recommendations for local services, such as babysitters or landscapers; a children’s activity kit filled with coloring books, crayons and games; or a list of important local phone numbers.

2. Little gestures can go a long way. Offer to collect your neighbor’s mail, water their plants or feed their pet while they’re on vacation. If that’s too much of a commitment, you might offer to keep an eye out on their house while they’re away.

3. Keep up your house and yard. This will help maintain property values while keeping the neighborhood as a whole looking its best. Mow your grass regularly, trim your shrubs as needed and make facade repairs in a timely manner.

4. If you live in a condo or townhouse, think twice before plugging in noisy appliances near your neighbor’s walls. A television, a hair dryer or even the beep of a microwave might be a little white noise for you but an annoyance for your neighbors.

5. Whether or not you’re head of your community watch program, there are always chances to help out. Keep your neighbors informed of relevant news, such as upcoming construction or recent crime. Extra eyes and ears are always welcomed.

6. If a neighbor lends you something, whether it’s a tool or their time, return the gesture quickly. It’s easy to move along with your project and forget they’ve done you a favor, so be sure to show your appreciation in a timely manner—your gratitude won’t be overlooked.

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