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25f703f9-f764-5322-9c2b-97a5ad682ac5Many homeowners consider putting their homes on the market as spring approaches. It’s a good idea to take a look at the house through a different perspective, according to Coulby Dunn, president of the Pike/Wayne Association of Realtors®.

“I advise sellers to walk through their property as though they were buyers,” said Dunn. “Start at the curb and look at the house because that’s where many potential buyers make their first decision,” he said.

Bette McTamney, president of the Pennsylvania Association of Realtors®, agrees, “Exterior curb appeal hits potential buyers first, so consider painting the front door, clean the light fixtures and wash the windows. Bright sunshine in a home really shows off the property.”

Home Stagers concur that sellers don’t get a second chance for a first impression. Barb Schwarz, the Creator of the Home Staging®, said, “You consider this your home but to sell it, it has to become a house and a product. Your house must be as presentable and fresh as possible because that’s what the buyer is going to expect. Buyers are very discerning today and they want the very best.”

De-cluttering is key to making the inside of the house appealing, said Dunn. “Find a local storage unit and pack up many of your belongings,” he said. “Go through your closets and reduce what’s in them. You’ll start your own packing process and make the house look more attractive.”

Schwarz added, “Buyers only know what they see, not the way it’s going to be. So pack up your favorite doll or tea cup collections. Make sure the house looks clean, uncluttered and smells fresh. The impression they have when they first open the front door sets the tone of the rest of the showing.”

“If you want top dollar for your house, you need to put some extra effort into cleaning it,” McTamney concurs. “Everyone is getting ready to list their home; you want your home to show at its best.”

Dunn said, “It’s important to freshen up the entryway of a home. Every nick or hand print on the wall sticks out to a potential buyer.”

“Buyers want the house to be extremely clean,” Schwarz said. “They will notice dirty light switches, faucets and sinks. It’s important for your house to be extremely clean so the potential buyers don’t make harsh judgments.”

Updating the walls and flooring to be more neutral tones allows buyers to envision themselves in your house. Schwarz recommends small pops of moveable color, such as a brightly colored pillow, artwork or bedspread will bring warmth into the room but will make it easy for the buyer to picture himself in the living space.

“Sellers need to remember that longevity on the market means one thing… a reduction in price,” Schwarz said. “Making a few changes before the house is listed helps the moment the Realtor® begins to market the property.”

A Realtor® is instrumental in helping the transaction go smoothly, according to Dunn. “Realtors® are trained to properly price your house, market your property, negotiate for you and get the best price for your home.”

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