How to Meet People in Your New Town

textimagecomp.img.image.pngMoving can be overwhelming. It can also be a little lonely or intimating when you don’t know anyone at all in your new neighborhood. But between the unpacking and the trips to your local home improvement store and all of the activity, it cna be really hard to meet people and begin establishing the relationships that make a neighborhood feel like home. offers some great advice on how to meet people in your new town.

When you’re past a certain age, making new friends becomes more difficult. You’re not sitting next to someone in first grade sharing school supplies, facilitating new friendships. But if you just moved, meeting new neighbors offers you all kinds of opportunities for potential new friends.

You may not know your neighbors yet, but your realtor gave you information about the area when you were looking for your home. It might have been info like “family-friendly” or “retired empty-nesters.” Being armed with this information will give you a sense of the area. Read the following tips to learn how to meet new people in a new city.

Start by Introducing Yourself
More than likely, while you’re moving in or shortly after, your neighbors will be out and about, curious of the newbies in the neighborhood. Expect that people will pop over to say “hi.” That’s your cue to introduce yourself and members of your family. Even if you’re tired from unpacking and in no mood to chit-chat, stop what you’re doing, smile and give your neighbor your complete attention. First impressions are lasting.

If you see a neighbor out, take a minute to walk over and introduce yourself. Say a few positive things about the area and mention you’d like him to stop over soon and meet your family. Take advantage of these opportunities to become acquainted with folks in the neighborhood.

Instant Connection
There are a number of easy ways to make connections when meeting neighbors and to learn about the area, too.
The Kiddies: Let your kids teach you how to meet new people in a new city! Kids have a built-in socializing mechanism; they’ll start playing together with no introduction needed. Introduce yourself to the other children’s parents.
Foodies: Who doesn’t want to talk about food? Ask a neighbor which grocery stores she likes and where they’re located.
The Pets: A friendly dog is a super way to meet the neighbors. Take your dog for a walk and see what other canine/human combos are out there.
School Talk: Asking questions about schools is an easy way to start a conversation with a neighbor. You will also run into them at school activities.
Join Up: Libraries and local organizations are a great way to meet locals, and even folks from outside your immediate area. Maybe you’re interested in joining a church or book club.
Housewarming Party Time
If you or friends are throwing a housewarming party, invite the neighbors. They get a chance to get to know you when you don’t have your head stuck in a moving box. Since they knew the people who moved, neighbors might enjoy seeing what you’ve done to the place.

Settling In
Meeting neighbors and getting to know the area will help you feel more settled and comfortable in your new surroundings. Give yourself time, though; a lot of changes all at once takes some getting used to.

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