Bird-Friendly Gardens = A Win-Win for All in the South

0905_GN_aColorful birds can be a welcoming sight to dull winter landscapes. Now is the time to start planning and planting to attract more birds this winter. Better Homes and Gardens magazine offers some great tips on attracting birds to your lawn this winter.

Landscaping can do a lot to welcome birds into your yard. Welcome birds to your garden with these plants native to the Southeast.

Birds love ornamental grasses and berries. Add ornamental grasses to your garden for multiseason color, texture, and food sources for a host of birds. Here’s some grasses birds love. Invite flocks to your backyard by planting fruit-bearing trees, shrubs, and groundcovers in your landscape. These berry producing plants do double duty– they attract and feed birds in the winter but they also add a nice sparkle and burst of color to your landscape.

Use these 10 ideas to help you attract songbirds to the garden. Knowing the secrets to bird hosting can help you convince the birds to take up residence. Once they stop by for a visit, here’s six quick and easy ways to create a welcoming space for birds to inhabit.


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