Welcome to Fall!

-2Fall officially started at 4:44pm on Sunday, September 22nd.  The Braves have clinched the National League East for the first time since 2005.  College football is in full swing and the Atlanta Falcons are beginning their season with hopes of playing in the Super Bowl.  We are blessed with a long fall season with pleasant weather and beautiful colors.

So what are the prospects for the colors of fall this year?  “The main thing that makes for good fall color are sunny days beginning in mid- to late-August and continuing into September, coupled with cool nights,” says Howard Neufeld, an Appalachian State University professor whose weekly leaf-watching reports have earned him the title of “Fall Color Guy.”  The early summer was unusually wet this year.  The average rainfall for Metro Atlanta is 49.71 inches per year.  In the first 8 months, we have already had 51.04 inches.  But the late summer starting in August turned drier.  The Atlanta-based Weather Channel predicts autumn will be more dry and cooler than average in the Southeast.  That would point to a colorful tree canopy and a likelihood that many of us won’t depend too much on air-conditioning or heat going into December.

Click here to view the locations for the South’s Best Fall Colors according to Southern Living magazine.  So get out there and enjoy our beautiful fall season!

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