People Want to Connect Lifestyle with Technology

bildeA recent report from Better Homes & Gardens Real Estate showed that 42 percent of homeowners would be more likely to brag about a home automation system than a newly renovated kitchen.

Additionally, a separate survey conducted by the magazine revealed that 77 percent of Gen X and Gen Y homebuyers want their homes equipped with the technological capabilities they have grown accustomed to.

Many of today’s new homebuyers are younger than previous generations and extremely tech savvy. They grew up with smartphones, apps and Google searches and want to use technology not only in searching for a home but throughout the home itself. Even more mature homebuyers relocating within our region or moving to Southwest Florida from another part of the country wants to connect their lifestyle to current technologies.

New homebuyers would prefer high-tech rooms with surround sound, large-screen TVs and the most up-to-date A/V equipment to the formal dining room of the past. Some aren’t limiting technology to just one room. They’re transforming an entire property into a “smart home” with home automation systems.

As the homebuyer evolves, so does the home.

Home automation allows homeowners to remotely (or locally) control thermostats, lighting, TV and appliances. It can control security systems to let the kids in from school, play favorite music throughout your home, install a WiFi network to allow students to research school projects online, or monitor the family dog via webcam.

It can contribute to energy savings by making things easier to manage.

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