Weatherizing Your Home for Energy Savings

textimagecomp-1.img.image.png The seasons are changing and now’s the time to think about winterizing your home for maximum comfort and savings. Follow these handy tips from

There are a number of ways you can reduce energy costs this winter. You can wait until November or December to turn on your home’s heat. You can keep your thermostat set to a chilly 68 degrees or lower. But you want to save money and be comfortable, right? That’s when weatherizing your home can help. Don’t suffer or walk around in a sweater all year in your own home. Follow these six weatherization tips to help your home hold in the heat you do use, keep you warm and toasty and reduce your energy bills.

1. Weatherstripping Is Your Friend
Reduce drafts around windows and doors by adding weatherstripping or caulking around poorly sealed doors and windows. Better yet, replace your entire window and frame with a new, energy efficient model.

2. Seal Your Windows
Use a plastic sealant that goes over windows (like shrink-wrap) to reduce your window’s U-Factor (the window’s insulation quality). These weatherizing kits are inexpensive enough to purchase at your local big box retailer or home improvement store but, in a pinch, you can even use bubble wrap.

3. Use Foam Gaskets
Minimize drafts through electrical outlets and light switches, especially those on outer walls, with foam gaskets. These pieces of foam, sold in many weatherizing kits, are easy to install. Just unscrew the plate, place the foam inside and replace the plate.

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