6 Unique Wants of Young Buyers

Young Couple Moving HouseAccording to a survey by Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate, Millenial home buyers have different expectations than the previous generation when buying a home. Here’s a list of 6 interesting features younger buyers are increasing adding to their list of ideal home features:


Green/Eco Options

Younger buyers no longer see green home options as an added bonus- they’re a must. Energy efficient windows and appliances and even solar panels are high on the list of demands.


High Tech Homes

High-tech is a priority. Nearly 2/3 of Millenials surveyed said they wouldn’t consider a home that isn’t tech-friendly. That includes everything from security systems to home theaters.


Flex Space

Younger buyers want spaces they can utilize for multiple purposes. While many Millenial home buyers aren’t even married when they start home shopping, space that has  potential to eventually be a nursery while currently serving as a game room or home gym is high on the list of wants. Younger buyers want the ability for their home to evolve along with their lifestyles.


Smaller Square Footage

Smaller living spaces appeal to younger buyers as more efficient and more manageable. Younger buyers are also trending towards one story homes.


Streamlined Spaces

Millenials consider formal, separate spaces a waste of living space. Large great rooms easily serviced from the kitchen are far more desirable than formal living or dining rooms.


Move-in Ready

According to ERA Real Estate’s Home Buyer Trends, younger buyers are not interested in fixer-uppers. Millenials are looking for spaces that are easy to maintain and will not occupy a lot of their time.

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