Halloween Home Improvement: Zombie-Proof Your House

zombie-prepared-ap-1319559666Just because this AOL article was published two years ago, doesn’t mean it’s not still quite relevant. You just never know when a zombie apocalypse will occur…

Predictions of the Rapture came and went with nary a plague — not even locusts! — but that doesn’t mean homeowners should lower their guard just yet. This Halloween, the wise would do well to safeguard their homes from that constant threat to suburban bliss, that scourge of middle America — zombie home invasion.

From George A. Romero’s flat-footed lurchers to the terrifyingly agile runners of “28 Days Later,” there’s a slew of potential undead visitors that cautious homeowners can protect against this All Hallow’s Eve. Get a crash course on zombie-proofing your home in the gallery below from This Old House. Come hell or high water, this guide may be your best source for the impending zombie apocalypse. Don’t believe us? Just ask the Centers for Disease Control.
If the slew of recent TV shows, movies, and books are any indication, zombies are everywhere these days. So whether they’re fast, slow, or riddled with rigor mortis, here’s a step-by-step guide to keeping the undead out of your house. Be sure to check out all 18 tips!


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