How to Choose a Home Security System

textimagecomp.img.image.pngIt’s the holiday season and there’s lots to do- baking, shopping, travel reservations… There’s also some great movies on TV this time of year- like “Home Alone”. While it’s not the flick’s intent, it does remind me that this busy time of year is no time to let your guard down when it comes to the safety of your family and home. If you’ve thought about installing a home security system, consider these tips from

When you hear the words “home security system” you may think of a big mansion on a hill with a wrought-iron gate with a buzzer that opens slowly to let luxury cars into the multi-millionaire’s private domicile. But today, that’s not the case at all.

Home security systems are designed to fit any size home and almost any budget. After all, with home invasions and burglaries on the rise, people are more concerned about safety than ever before.

Why Do You Want a Home Security System?
Before you decide what system to purchase, evaluate exactly why you want a home security system. There are as many reasons for wanting top home security as there are choices of models, services and companies to provide it for you. By knowing the “why,” you’ll have an easier time deciding which one is best for you.

Answer these lifestyle questions to determine the features you may need in a burglar alarm system.

Is your neighborhood experiencing a lot of burglaries lately?
Are you susceptible to wild-fires?
Do you want to keep an eye on the children?
Are you away often and want to watch your house when you’re gone?
Do you want to be alerted when someone enters your driveway?
Is your business home-based? If so, is it important to know who is ringing your doorbell in choosing whether to answer it or not?
Does someone in your home have a health issue that would require a medical assistance option?
Do you have pets that could trigger motion detectors?
These questions will help you decide whether you need a top home security system that includes cameras and monitors, medical alerts or just the basic burglar alarm system.

Burglar Alarm Systems
These can be as simple as a do-it-yourself kit purchased for only $25. The alarm sounds when motion is detected wherever these are installed. At the other end of the spectrum, you can purchase a monitored system that detects burglaries, fires and even carbon monoxide. These systems sound an alarm and also call the local police or fire departments. In recent years, medical monitoring has become an added service for many burglar alarm system customers.

Camera and Monitor Systems
If you want to monitor pets, children and even the elderly, a camera system allows you to be in many places at one time. In a sense, your camera monitoring system replaces the baby monitors of past decades. You can see what’s happening throughout the house and also outside, helping you keep better tabs on everyone in your family. In addition to monitoring your household, a camera system can deter a would-be burglar. When he sees that a camera is recording his movements as he enters your property, he’ll most likely retreat.

Know your purpose before researching which home security system to purchase. It will help you eliminate certain systems immediately and help you purchase exactly what will serve your needs.

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