7 Ways to Feel Like a Local

textimagecomp.img.image.pngJust moved to town and feel completely lost? Follow these tips from MyMove.com and you’ll be feeling like a local in no time!

There’s nothing quite like moving to a new city to make you feel like the ultimate outsider. Not only is every face you encounter a complete stranger, but you also have to put serious thought and effort into doing something as mundane as finding a good cup of coffee. The sooner you assimilate the better. Here are the top seven tips for adjusting to a new neighborhood.

1. Go Exploring
There may be no better way to really get to know a new city or neighborhood than by actually hitting the street and driving around until you’ve oriented yourself. Don’t be afraid to get lost—unless you were born with some innate ability to navigate without losing your bearings, you probably will, several times. One of the keys to ensuring your endeavor has the makings of an adventure instead of a nightmare is to start early, and have a full tank of gas.

Also, don’t limit yourself to exploring from behind the wheel. Get yourself to the downtown area and walk around to get a feel of your new surroundings.

2. Subscribe to the Local Paper
Although your past reading habits and a desire for the familiar may tempt you to maintain a subscription to your old newspaper, one of the most effective ways of learning about your new neighborhood is by reading all about the local happenings and newsworthy issues that have a direct effect on you as a resident. A local newspaper is also a good resource to find information on local events that could give a needed boost to your social life.

3. Watch Local News
If you’re a newshound in the habit of switching back and forth between national news channels, put your passions on a different track by tuning into the local news station. This is one of the quickest ways to educate yourself on the topics that your fellow residents are most concerned with, and to introduce you to local ways and customs.

4. Rub Elbows
Get out and mingle with the people that make up your new community. If you’re not into the bar scene, go to the local community center and find information on clubs and other activities that interest you. Joining a local gym is another great way to meet people in your immediate area who also share your same lifestyle. If you’re a churchgoer, it’s easy to find people who share your values by attending church or synagogue in your new neighborhood.

5. Attend City Council Meetings
You don’t have to run for office or belong to a special interest group to sit in on city council meetings. This is a great way for you to get involved in the decisions that impact your new community, and to surround yourself with likeminded people.

6. Get Involved with Your Child’s School
If you have children, it’s important to facilitate their adaptation to their new environment by enrolling them in extracurricular clubs and sports. Volunteering to help at your child’s school will also introduce you to other parents and is a great way to make new friends.

7. Don’t Look Back
Moving to a new city can bring about feelings of homesickness, even if you weren’t necessarily all that attached to your old city. In order to ensure that you carve out a successful existence for yourself, it’s important to embrace your new setting and resist comparing it with what you’ve grown accustomed to. Look on it as the exciting adventure that it is, and soon you’ll have no reason to view your move as anything but a positive life-changing decision.

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