Add Color to Your Kitchen

101694150.jpg.rendition.largestGive your kitchen a beauty boost with a fresh dose of color. Paint is an easy way to transform cabinets, an island, and so much more. Try a new hue on the walls, a colorful tile back splash or just add some colorful accents. Check out these pretty and colorful kitchens from Better Homes and Gardens magazine.

Try the free Color Finder tool to help you find the perfect kitchen color before you pick up a brush.

Still can’t decide? Here’s some color combinations to consider…

Orange and Green: Bring your kitchen to life with this energetic duo. Juicy citrus hues are the latest trend in kitchen design, perhaps due in part to Pantone naming zippy “Tangerine Tango” its color of the year for 2012. These bold tones are perfectly suited to the aesthetics of Craftsman-style homes because they pair well with rich brown woodwork. They can also provide lively punctuations against the austere backdrop of minimal modern design.

Red and Yellow: This regal combination has been popular in Europe for generations. Pair a deep red with muted golden yellow to evoke the sense of a stately English manor, a relaxed French country cottage, or a beautiful Tuscan villa. To make your kitchen feel larger, use yellow as the room’s anchor color (lighter colors visually expand space), and then use red accents to punctuate the design. Checked, striped, and floral patterns are popular in this style, as are fringe and other embellishments.
Blue and Brown: This color combo has universal appeal. For modern or transitional homes, pair chocolate brown with crisp sky blue, and throw in a few bright accent colors for pop. In a country kitchen, pick robin’s egg blue and wheat brown, and then layer on cream-color accents for a warm and cozy look. To give the duo a traditional feeling, choose deep shades of both colors and break up the dark tones with crisp white and rich gold accents.
Gray and Anything: Gray is gaining ground on white as the new go-to neutral for a contemporary kitchen. Create a sense of calm by using gray for a background color for black, white, or brown cabinets (yes, even brown and gray make great partners). To keep with the relaxed feeling, pepper the space with accents in a cool blue or soft green. To make the room more vibrant, introduce a bright accent color — the sky is the limit, as gray pairs well with almost every bold color, from pink to yellow.
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