The Power Of Pre-Qualification

 The spring market will see many desirable homes get multiple offers and contracted quickly. Sellers will be evaluating their options to choose which bidder is selected to buy the property. They often want to limit their risks. There are several components of the Purchase and Sale Agreement that introduce more risk. A good example is the Financing Contingency. The Financing Contingency allows the buyer to specify a certain number of days to go through the process of loan approval. This is typically 21 days. The smart buyer will go ahead and get Pre-Approved for a mortgage before making the offer. This is different from pre-qualification which may still have significant risk that a mortgage will not be approved by the lender. Pre-Approval is a more detailed process and subs tantially reduces the risk to the seller. If you are considering buying a property this spring, we would be happy to introduce you to our HomeServices Lending Loan Officer. They can help you get Pre-Approved and show you all the loan products available.
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