Home Selling Tip: Hardwood Floors Make an Impression

image-2Hardwood flooring enhances the look of any room and creates a classic ambiance. Real estate agents agree that those homes hold their value better, sell faster and attract higher prices. Hardwood floors are always a draw. They impart warmth, depth and richness that can’t be matched by carpeting, tile or vinyl flooring.

The American Hardwood Information Center cites a national survey of real estate agents in which 99% of respondents agreed that restoring hardwood flooring in the home is one of the best long-term investments one can make. And 90% said these homes sell for more money.

An EPA study found that pesticides used in gardens and homes can gather on floors and other surfaces in the home. Wood floors greatly reduce the accumulation of such toxins by not trapping or harboring dust mites or molds like carpet.

Though wood floors will probably need to be refinished at some point, when properly taken care of they are much easier to maintain than other floor surfaces. Hardwood floors could make the difference between a sale or watching a potential buyer walk out the door.

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