Protect Your Home Against Natural Disasters

image-1Natural disasters serve as a reminder how water, wind, fire and earth movement can impact your most cherished investment. There are things you can do to prevent major damage in the event of a major disaster:

Water: Windows, doors, cracks and holes should be appropriately sealed. Repair or replace roof shingles. Basement windows and doors should have built-up barriers or flood shields. Inspect your sump pump regularly.

Wind: Windows and glass doors should be fitted with impact-resistant laminated glass or covered with impact-resistant shutters. Solid wood or hollow metal doors, are more likely to resist wind pressure and flying debris.

Wildfire: Install a spark arrestor on your chimney. Eliminate brush and debris from around your property. Modify your attic, sub-floor and basement vents. Replace single-pane glass with tempered glass. Cover exterior walls with a fire-resistant material. Re-roof your home with a Class A material.

Earthquake: If you are in an earthquake zone, protect your property and possessions by anchoring appliances, water heater, dressers, and other heavy items to the wall. Secure electronics and small appliances to desks, tables and countertops.

Insurance: Most standard homeowners policies include structural coverage and personal property coverage. Depending on your location, you may also need additional coverage against earthquake, hurricane and fire. Flood damage is not typically covered under traditional homeowners insurance policies.

When disasters strike, it’s the safety of you and your family that matters. Taking the right precautions can keep damage to a minimum; or in the case of severe damage, you can ensure you have the financial means to rebuild.

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