How to Host (and Win) a Chili Cook-Off


A tasty way to warm up the winter is enjoying a bowl of chili. There are seemingly endless varieties out there, though, so there’s really only one way to decide which is best: host a chili cook-off with friends and family!

Below you’ll find a pair of flavor-filled recipes to help you get a leg up on the competition; choose your favorite, and add it to the mix at your cook-off. And use the downloadable accessories to get your crowd in the proper cook-off spirit.

White Bean Chicken Chiliwhitechicken
Everyday chili? Bean there, done that. While everyone else whips up traditional tomato-and-beef-based chili for your cook-off, show them that you’re the host with the most flavor-filled chili! This chili recipe is a winner, with not only white beans and chicken but also a delicious blend of vegetables and spices to impress any palate.

Sweet & Spicy Pork Chilispicypork
Love spicy and sweet? Don’t settle for one when you can make both in one delicious dish! This recipe has many chili spices you’d expect—garlic, pepper, cayenne—but blends them with seasonal flavors like pumpkin and cocoa. Add tender pork to the mix, and you’ve got a recipe that’s sure to earn high scores at your cook-off!

To complete your chili cook-off checklist, print out these party accessories to set the mood to fever pitch at your get-together, and to remind everyone that it’s all about the fun.

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