Summer Home Security Tips

An increase in burglaries during the summer months means it’s time to help safeguard your while you’re away on vacation or if you’re absent while your home is on the market. Realtor Magazine offers six tips for preventing break-ins.

  1. Front door surveillance. Because 34 percent of break-ins happen through the front door of a home, a good recommendation is to install a smart doorbell that routes to your phone. Other security options include two-way speakers that will give visitors the impression the owner is home, or video cameras so your clients can see who’s at the door from their phone.
  2. Secured windows. The second most common break-in location is a first floor window, the access point of 23 percent of burglars. Install sash locks and wireless motion sensors that will alert you if a window is opened or broken.
  3. Don’t forget the AC unit. Pushing in a window air conditioning unit is another common break-in method. Remove the AC unit while you’re away or install motion sensors near the unit.
  4. Barring patio and sliding glass doors. Sliding doors should not only be locked, but should also have a barrier bar in the tracks. Consider installing motion detectors in this area as well.
  5. Leave the lights on. The goal is to make the home appear lived in, even if you are vacationing or have already moved out. At the very least, use light timers or try smart lights that can be controlled from your phone.
  6. Call 911 from afar. A homeowner trying to reach the police from a remote location can take valuable minutes. Many home security companies, such as Ooma, offer remote 911 calling.
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