Common Issues For 1st Time Buyers

20120224021117There are several common issues for 1st time buyers that we can help address. For example, what happens if they lost their job? How would they make their mortgage payment? We have a program called Job Loss Protection that provides the equivalent of a rainy day fund with up to $10,800 to help cover their payments. What about major expenses like a failing HVAC system? We have home warranties that can help avoid major expenses and simplify dealing with vendors. And finally, what if I need to move to another market for a job and need to sell my home? The solution for that challenge may be to buy a property that can be converted to an income property. You have already purchased with very low prices and set a very low mortgage rate. Of you buy the right property, you can use our property management team to help get tenants and take care of the property. Over time, you can get positive cash flow and build equity as values improve. Yes, you are on your way to building wealth while others are still throwing away their rent money.

If you know 1st time buyers who need our expertise, please contact Dan Petersen at 678-439-6699 Our team would be happy to help them.

We Want To Wish You And Your Family A Wonderful Early Spring Season! If You Know Someone Who Can Benefit From This Information Or Our Real Estate Expertise, We Would Love To Help Them. Have A Great Day!